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Success Stories

Helping our local residents and crime survivors to feel safe again


“I just wanted to send a big thank you to Andy and the charity for the wonderful service you have given my frail elderly parents. They were the unfortunate victims of someone posing as a carer entering their home in Cambridgeshire.

My father is elderly and very disabled at the moment and my mother is suffering from dementia. They were left feeling very upset and vulnerable. The speed in which The Bobby scheme acted was amazing, and my brother and I want to thank you all for your fantastic work. We are very grateful, and thanks to Andy of course for his prompt response and making my parents feel safe again.”

Local Resident July 2020

"Feel very pleased with the service. My mum has been encouraged and helped. Feel safe now that new fire alarm have been installed and safety measures fitted on doors and windows."

Local Resident, December 2020

"This has been most helpful in many ways knowing about the service. Andy Cleathero was most professional and yet at the same time a caring person who made us feel safer in many ways. Thank you."

Local Resident, December 2020

"Very helpful man came to my rescue. Excellent service for the public."

Local Resident, December 2020

"This was a very quick service. I am very grateful for this. Thank you very much."

Local Resident, December 2020

"Much more reassured about steps we can take to improve window and door security. Excellent advice which we will review and progress."

Local Resident, November 2020

"The support has been excellent, beyond my expectation. I shall certainly support the Bobby Scheme in the future."

Local Resident, November 2020

"We feel much safer. Andy was very patient and understanding. We cannot fault the service and are very grateful for the products and feel very supported during this time."

Local Resident, November 2020

"I am very satisfied and pleased with the thorough work Andy has done today. It was far more than I expected."

Local Resident, November 2020

“Great scheme and a fantastic benefit to someone who lives on their own. It has given me much more peace of mind”

Local Resident

"Thanks Glen. You are absolutely fantastic at what you do. Such a valuable service."

Local Resident, November 2020

"Feeling safe in my home with my new baby when it's born with these extra security measures"

Local Resident

Thank you for such a valuable service. I have really appreciated the care you offer"

Local Resident

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the help you gave me recently. I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so safe”

Local Resident

“Totally overwhelmed by the service and I feel so much safer and secure now”​

Local Resident

Thank you so much for your very professional care and so kind and courteous too! Feeling safer now"

Local Resident

"I can breathe knowing that the safety aspects are there. Taking my alarm around with me makes me feel safe"

Local Resident


lady living with dementia safe & warm

A vulnerable elderly lady suffering from dementia and anxiety, locked herself out of her home during very cold weather and was referred to us by the police.

When the officers had managed to open the door, they found there had been no heating in the property for several weeks. 

Our Bobby visited within 24 hours and arranged temporary heating, contacted her housing association, fitted security lights and alarms and offered reassurance. 

At the lady’s request, the Bobby revisited a few days later with her health worker, when work was carried out to the heating system, and the lady was left feeling much safer and warmer in her home.


DRiveway alerts for vulneRable man

A vulnerable disabled gentleman in Peterborough was subjected to prolonged ASB by neighbours. This escalated to damage to his car, which he relies upon to get around.  The Bobby Scheme installed a driveway detector alarm, and window and door alarms to his property.  The gentleman was grateful for the peace of mind these offered.  Sadly, the driveway alarm alerted him to further incidents, and the Bobby Scheme continues to support the work of the police and the gentleman’s housing association to keep him safe.

Protected from police fraudster

An elderly lady who is chairbound had been targeted by a fraudster posing as a police officer.

The lady lives in a rural location, and our Bobby visited her home promptly, offered advice, changed the door lock and added alarms to the property, explaining calmly and clearly what he was doing and why. 

Her mind was put at rest by the kindness, understanding and reassurance she received from our Bobby and as a result she feels much safer.

The Bobby Scheme Donate

Burglar returned to find house secure

An alleged perpetrator who had been away, returned to a previously burgled home to find that it had been completely secured by The Bobby Scheme since his last visit. 

As a result of the new protective measures in place, the baffled perpetrator could not get in. When he reacted in an aggressive manner, the homeowner called the police and the person was remanded in prison.

The burglar not being able to get into the house saved the client from serious harm, enabling them to feel safe enough to make that 999 call.

lady safe from violent perpetrator

A lady who was at a high risk from an extremely violent perpetrator and his associates, received the support of The Bobby Scheme to make her feel safer in her home. 

Our Bobbies fitted a door alarm as well as a personal alarm to enable the lady to call 999 as soon as the door alarm is raised, reducing her anxiety and keeping her safe. 

domestic Violence victim

‘I just wanted to mention that I had a very scared 17-year-old victim yesterday and Andy was an absolute star in slotting in a lock change which has made her feel so much better, and me too as I was really concerned for the family, so a big thank you to the Bobby Scheme, I honestly don’t know where we would be without your help‘

This feedback was on the back of a referral for a young mother who had been told her ex-partner had been released on bail and knew he had a key to her home. She was terrified as she had previously been threatened by him that he would return to harm.

The perpetrator did in fact return the next day only to find he could not gain access as the locks had been changed and was put off by forcing the window and the alarm sounding off. This was as a direct result from the Bobby Scheme’s urgent response and positive action to a Police referral.

elderly victim

This lady had had some young lads challenged by a neighbour as they were scouring her garden. That night thieves had broken into a ground floor front window and cash and various items were stolen.

That day the lady’s nephew had gone over and fitted his aunt a safe. The next morning the lady had woken up to find the safe taken off the wall. The perpetrator/s had gained access through the back door with no evidence of a break-in. Prior to this the lady had been reporting that she could hear noises during the night and thought someone was in the house and items going missing.

It wasn’t clear if this was connected to the 1st burglary or if indeed the back door was locked at all that evening. Suffice to say the lady had been a victim to the 1st incident.

Andy, our Bobby having finished work for the day was called early that evening by Susan, (Bobby Scheme coordinator) to ask if he could make an urgent visit. Andy attended that evening and the Police arrived at the same time. Andy changed her locks, secured the windows, doors and was able to reassure leading to the lady her feeling safer.


92 Year old victim

A 92 year old widower had let his cat out in the early hours of the morning and forgot to lock his door. Unfortunately, a burglar entered the house and removed a wallet from the kitchen.

Our Bobby visited and secured this gentlemen’s home, so that he was safe.

We advised this vulnerable man to have a keysafe fitted which his neighbour and nephew would manage. He also agreed to installing a cat flap for his pet to avoid leaving the back door open at times. 

65 year old victim

This lady had a frightening burglary and was extremely grateful for our subsequent fittings and safety advice.

“I’d like to say a great big thank you to Glen for his reassurance. He was thoroughly professional, he listened well and was so useful to speak to. Someone who understood what we were going through to be able to qualify our fears. I Have been in touch with our Parish Council and we are trying to arrange a public meeting where Glen can represent the Bobby Scheme especially in view of a subsequent burglary across the road from us.

I had no understanding of what the Bobby Scheme was or how it was resourced. We are currently battling insurance companies and having huge financial outlays, but when we are more settled, we will be sending a donation to your charity to thank you for your kindness, especially at such a difficult time. With grateful thanks.”



A couple were held a gun point by masked men and forced to open the safe and jewellery taken.

Or Bobby Glen gave the distressed couple comforting support and reassuring advice. 

Glen has been back to visit the couple who were feeling much more settled and happier.

85 year old widow

A widow had also forgotten to lock her back door.

The burglar had previously tried various door handles along the same street, with no avail. But unfortunately, as this lady’s door was unlocked, they walked straight into her home and stole money & jewellery.

Bobby Scheme visited and secured the lady’s home.

The burglar is believed to have returned to the property and not able to gain access, they removed a large plant pot from the greenhouse and threw it against the wall, smashing it pieces. 

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