Why Donate

Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme is a small charity operating across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We rely upon donations to continue to provide a service and therefore the support and generosity of people is crucial. We can only do our work with your help.

Your gift will make a real difference to the lives of older, vulnerable and disabled residents of the county. Older and vulnerable people are often targeted by criminals because of their perceived or actual vulnerability. Crime is a serious problem for them because of the severe impact it has, but fear of crime can be just as big a problem. Feeling unsafe or at risk can have a serious negative impact on peoples’ health, their wellbeing and can leave them isolated and unable to participate socially and economically in their communities. As one person said “ What is the point of living longer if most of the time you live in fear”.

The Bobby Scheme does help people feel safer, more secure, more reassured and more confident.


As a small charity with four staff, two are part time, funding is a concern and it is continually seeking year on year funding to support its work. For victims the service is free and for non - victims a donation of £50 is requested. However, this is waived if there are financial difficulties. It costs the charity on average £150 to work at each home, or in the case of Domestic Abuse victims the amount is £200.

If you would like to host a fund raising event or work collaboratively to raise funds please contact perri@cpstrust.org. We NEED you!

Donations 2018-19

We are very grateful to the following organisations for funding to support our work to reduce crime and the fear of crime in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.

The Office of the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner • Children Of Adam • Cambridge Community Foundation • The Pye Foundation • Huntingdon Freemen’s Trust • Cambridge Jesus Lane Quakers • Luminus Group Community Fund • Metropolitan Housing Association • Descensus Aquarrum Social • Earith WI Fund Raising Raffle • Bretton BP Easter Raffle • Orton Waterville Parish Council • Teversham Parish Council • Little Abington Parish Council • Willingham Parish Council • Chatteris Town Council • Ailsworth Parish Council • Peakirk Parish Council • Hampton Parish Council • William McGuinness Esq. • Regular monthly Local Giving donation from George Coomber • and many other generous individuals.


Donate a Single Gift

To learn more about making a donation, email perri@cpstrust.org