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Our Bobbies fit security devices and alarms & give expert advice on securing your home and staying safe.

The BOBBY SCHEME helps around 50 people a week affected by burglary, theft or domestic abuse to remain in their home to recover from the trauma and take control of their lives again.

Our service is free to victims over 60 and to ALL suffering domestic violence.

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Following official government guidelines and recommendations, The Bobby Scheme is now able to resume some essential services to support vulnerable people at home. Whilst we are aiming to get back to normal services soon, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support and patience during this difficult and restricted period.  


As of 8th June 2020, we will be carrying out the following recommended service/procedure:

>  Calls will be made prior to visits confirming that householder/s are fit & well

>  Social distance will be maintained at all times – 2 metres apart

>  Conversations/ giving advice will take place outside the home wherever possible

> Our staff will wear masks, gloves and protective aprons. We will wash our hands with our own soap and towel upon arrival and upon leaving

> We will continuously use alcohol hand sanitiser

> We will wipe down all surfaces and areas touched with anti-bac wipes or spray

> Any donations to be sent through bank transfer or cash in a sealed envelope


For households where we aren’t able to visit, i.e. those in self-isolation, please see our Home Safety Device – Self-Installation Video here (and below).



Scammers are STILL exploiting public fears about the Coronavirus, from fake shoppers to false online support which has led to huge losses of money and private information. 

Please only accept help from known people and seek assistance from the council or local official support groups. See below our advice blogs, included the latest concern with TEST & TRACE SCAMMERS

Find your local Coronavirus Support Group HERE.

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  • Vulnerable people are safer
  • Reduce the fear of crime
  • Remain independent longer
  • Support victims of domestic abuse
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Scams & Rogue Traders


The Bobby Scheme warns all those self-isolating, the over 70s and anyone looking up Coronavirus support on unknown websites, to check that the help being offered is legitimate.

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Windows of Opportunity

Burglars spot opportunities in windows left open or unlocked. How to deter these criminals and not feel like a prisoner in your own home.

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